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SQL Accounting Software

SQL Account software consists of six core modules which are GL, Customer, Supplier, Stock, Sales, and Purchase.

  • Easy to use accounting software
  • Unlimited Invoices and Expenses
  • One-click Form GST-03
  • Generate General Audit File (GAF)
  • Mulitiple report format



IRS Alaya - Cloud Accounting Software

IRS Alaya allows you to access your accounting data more conveniently and efficiency, with an internet connection.

Using it, your business may save some cost of investment and worry free on the data security.

  • Easy to use cloud accounting software
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project & Cost Centre



  • High Startup & Maintenance Cost
  • Mostly Windows
  • Complex Installation
  • Limited Accessibility
  • Manual Updates & Backup
  • Export & Import Data
  • Low Security
  • Poor Disaster Recovery



  • Low Startup & Maintenance Cost
  • Web Browser
  • No Installation required
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Automatic Updates & Backup
  • Real Time Data
  • High Security
  • Efficient Disaster Recovery

IRS POS System

Retail industry always need to be prepared on handling a huge amount of customers efficiently. IRS Point of Sales Software will help you to do this by facilitating customer checkouts and helping your business to manage huge inventory. IRS Point of Sales Software helps you track and maintain your entire business inventory effectively. With IRS POS Software, your back office management will be simple and effective just like our slogan- Ease your BUSINESS, Ease your LIFE.

  • Multi-Store Software
  • Network License
  • Mobile Report
  • Integration with accounting

IRS F&B Software

Too many customers coming at any one time? Too much hassle to handle? You can now have a peace of mind with IRS Food & Beverage Software. With IRS F&B POS Software you can handle as many incoming customers at ease because the software simply helps you to effectively manage seat and place order arrangement.

  • iWaiter
  • iFlip – iPad POS System
  • OrderPoint
  • Integration with accounting